Tactictical Success, Stragic Failure

This website is an attempt to evaluate the current strategic challenges facing United States foreign policy and military establishments.  The past decade has in my opinion clearly demonstrated the failure of US strategic vision.  The return to Iraq for the third time should be a wakeup call to the policy makers.  The failure is not confined to one party or branch of government, but rather is prevalent across the whole spectrum of US International Relations apparatus.  Both civilian and military leadership at this time are found lacking.

At its most basic there seems to be a lack of critical thinking when dealing with foreign crises.  The only reason the strategic failures have not produced worse results is the tactical excellence of the United States armed forces and civilian agencies.  Ironically their tactical excellence serves as a band-aid for problems that are the result of poor strategic decisions.  This in turn allows those same strategic decision makers to continue making the same strategic mistakes. This lack of accountability for poor decision making, especially on the military side continues to drive decision which waste lives, treasure, and ultimately make our country less safe.

As part of the discussion of both strategy and tactics there will be times when the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act loop is referenced.  The OODA loop specifics can be found online.  It was coined by John Boyd, a US Air Force fighter pilot, and in my mind is invaluable when discussing tactics and strategy.  It simplifies and quantifies the reasons why a certain endeavor succeeds.  It is applicable not only to military, but rather can be used as a guide in any human competitive activity.

The author is an reserve field grade officer.  The views represented here are my own and do not reflect the view of the United States Government.

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