Iraq ground troop request… seriously?

What caught my eye this weekend was the amount of attention devoted to the Iraqi request from the Anbar Governor for US troops.  Given the fact that we don’t have a long term strategy with regards to Iraq and the Sunni Arab anti-US groups in general, it is really not surprising that the “experts” on TV and in print are giving any credence at all to this request.

Our strategy in Iraq and the Middle East should be based on the fact that the countries in that region should take care of their own problems.  They definitely have resources given, how much oil they produce.  As it is right now, any time something happens, countries such as Iraq and Saudi Arabia, cry help and then the US wastes billions of dollars helping them solve their problems.  If we had a true strategy then the request for US troops would be met with disbelief and derision.

Unless I’ve missed something in the news, neither Iraq nor the countries around that area act as if they are truly threatened.  In case of Iraq, there has been no mobilization, the economy is not on a war footing, and they still don’t have a defense minister selected.  All of which points to the fact that the Iraqis are really not concerned about confronting ISIL.  I mean they cry for US troops, but can’t find enough men in the country of 30 million to fight the estimated 30,000 ISIL troops.  Really?  What a joke.  For anyone to seriously consider the proposal to send in more US troops is to perpetuate the Iraqi dependency on the US to solve Iraqi problems.  As mentioned in previous posts, ISIL did not have years of US support and yet they still crushed the Iraqi army in June.  Until the Iraqi state takes responsibility for their own security, nothing we do will change anything long term.

Now, there might be a time in the future when we could support Iraqi army, but that should only happen if the whole of Iraq is mobilized for war and they still just can’t hold back ISIL.  Though, given resources Iraq posse they should be able to destroy ISIL fighters, unless of course we go back in and solve the problem for them.  Which would not surprise me given our lack of long term realistic strategy with regards to that region.  Leave the problem of 30,000 ISIL fighters for the 30 million Iraqis to solve.