Iraq does not want US troops

An interesting article today from AP, you can read it at Iraqi prime minister interview.  What stands out from his statement: ( “Not only is it not necessary,” he said, “We don’t want them. We won’t allow them. Full stop.”) is his clear rejection of US ground troops.  Which of course flies in the face of statements by some leaders in Congress and the military which demand and encourage US ground involvement.  It would be beneficial for the nation if the position of those who advocate US ground forces were shown to be clearly against the will of the Iraqi government.

Then again during 2011 withdrawal, despite clear Iraqi desire to have all US forces leave, there were some decision makers that continued advocating a dreamlike scenario where with just a little bit of diplomatic effort the US ground forces could have remained in Iraq forever.  It was false then and it is false now.  It is really not surprising giving the lack of critical journalism in the press that those same people who were advocating leaving residual force in Iraq are now taken seriously with regards to redeploying combat troops there.  One of the best decisions President made was to leave Iraq completely and he should not let the minimal threat of ISIS drag us back in.  The AP should show both the statements of the Iraqi prime minister and the statements of US leaders who advocate ground forces on the same page to showcase how disconnected from facts on the ground they really are.